Welcome to Silverado Canyon News!


I’ve enjoyed calling this wonderful, quirky and unique community home for almost 20 years now.

It seems like there is always something going on in Silverado and the nearby canyons. I often have a hard time keeping track of things. I’m on many email lists, get information from friends and pages on Facebook, see event signs along the road and check bulletin boards for flyers.

My goal for this site is to have a centralized location for all things canyon – announcements, upcoming events, past events, requests for help, photos, videos …. I don’t want to replace the individual group sites, but want to enhance and support them. Links to other websites and Facebook pages can be included to allow people to find and support your individual groups and causes.

For this, I need your help!

I welcome your submissions for all kinds of news for Silverado and the nearby canyons.

Please see my Contributors Wanted page for information on how to easily submit your news to be posted to this site.


Your neighbor,

Valerie Mitchell

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