The Canyon Growers’ Society

The Canyon Growers Society
By Lisa Collins

Have you recently had the desire to produce your own food from home
but lack the know how?
Do you have extra land and not sure what to use it for?
Do you ever wish that you could purchase your produce locally
from somewhere in the Canyons?
Have you had the dilemma of having too much fruit on your trees and wish there was a way to generate some extra cash or a way to barter for other produce that you might need?

Well if so, you are in luck!  It is with great passion and pleasure that we introduce a new group forming here in the canyons. The Canyon Growers Society or “Arden Farmers Faire”. (Name still in process.) In our efforts to become more self sustaining here in the canyons we will focus our passion towards one of the most important topics that faces us as a society today. As prices for food rise and the quality of the food produced becomes worse and worse we are looking to take a stand and to help others do the same.

For now, we will meet once a month and spend our time working to help each other produce tons of the healthiest, freshest, and tastiest fruits and veggies right here in the canyon. We will share tricks to dealing with the critters, help each other with design ideas to produce the most food possible, and hold small classes on topics that will help us all to become better gardeners. As we grow in numbers and in diversity of crops we hope to hold a canyon farmers market where we can trade or sell our excess to each other. Imagine being able to pick up the majority of your fresh produce here in the canyon while supporting and sharing with our neighbors!

We are excited to launch this new group soon and we desperately need your help to do so. We welcome all, whether you’re a pro grower or a newbie to the scene.
Depending on the feedback and produce available, we would like to have our first Growers sell and exchange on Aug 4 before the Hootenanny. You know you bring strawberry jam and I bring tomaders and we trade our stuff.

In addition, we would like to have a Garden building adventure at Lisa Collin’s ‘double wide’ date TBD. Those in attendance will go home with new seedlings for the garden. 

For information on how to get involved please contact Tyler Humphreys (714) 421-0269, Dennis McHale (714) 595-4468 or Lisa Collins (714) 710-9446.