Sunspark Yoga Classes in Silverado and Modjeska

Hello fellow yogis & yoginis!
I hope that all of you are having a Wonderful Valentine’s Day!
Just wanted to remind you that my friend and fellow Cloud Nine Yoga instructor, Colleen Blackford, will be teaching a Gentle Restorative class every Wednesday from 10-11:30am in Modjeska Canyon.  If you have never tried Restorative Yoga, you are in for a treat!  It is a very gentle yoga class using props like blankets, blocks and bolsters to support the body in positions of comfort and ease to facilitate health and relaxation poses are held for at least 10 minutes at a time to allow your mind and body to relax and release chronic tension.  (If you have a 5, 10 or 20 class package, this class is included in your package.  If you have a $60 monthly unlimited for the Mon/Thurs/Sat classes, then you can come for a $10 drop in rate or you have the option to convert to an $80 monthly unlimited if you think you will come for 3-4 classes a week, instead of the average 2-3 classes a week. As always, I will reconcile at the end of the month to ensure you are utilizing the best class package option)
We still have our other weekly classes, 10-11am Mondays in Silverado, 10-11am Thursdays in Modjeska, 8:30-9:30am Saturdays in Silverado.  Also, you can always check out my online schedule at under the Yoga Schedule tab, or if you are on Facebook,