Silverado Library Holiday Raffle

~ a message from Ruth~

The Silverado Holiday Raffle is just around the corner,
and this year’s quilt is something special!

Out of a time warp, 20 years to be exact!
The body of this friendship quilt was created in 1991,
by a group known as
‘The Canyon Crafters.”

A Friendship quilt is when a group each create a unique quilt square-
you make 12 of your design-
when you all get together again,
put the piles of squares on a long table and take one of each.
Now you’ve got 12 different squares to make a quilt!

So thanks go out to Bev, Heather, Linda, Kathy, Marcia, and me.
To Ronda and Sonji, who are no longer with us.
To Heidi and Lisa, who have moved on from Silverado.
Thank you ladies for the fun of hanging out together,
and the friendship quilt which has re-surfaced
to help out our library with fund raising 20 years later!

Thanks also to Margie, Mary, and Judy for help finishing off and updating the quilt.

Of course the raffle will also feature fabulous gift baskets,
just in time for Holiday giving!

If you would like to donate a basket just ask at the Library!

The quilt will be on view in the Library window!

Raffle tickets go on sale after Thanksgiving.

Raffle will be held Christmas week.