Microchip Clinic for Dogs and Cats 7/31/11


Coming Sunday July 31st Silverado Community Center

1pm to 3pm

Microchip Clinic for Dogs and Cats

  • What’s a microchip? A microchip is a tiny computer chip inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades using a vaccine-like needle. The chip will permanently identify your companion animal once registered.
  • Why is this important? If your companion is ever lost or injured, the finder can take your companion animal to a vet or shelter where it will be scanned for free to help reunite you with your best friend as quickly as possible. In case of emergency evacuation where your companion(s) have been evacuated by Orange County Animal Care, the shelter will scan your animal and contact you immediately letting you know exactly where you and your companion can be quickly reunited. In the case of animal theft (which, sadly, is more common all the time), many animals are eventually found because of their microchip when going to a veterinarian or ending up at a rescue or shelter.
  • What kind of microchip are you using and where can I read about it? We are using AVID microchips: http://www.avidid.com/faq/index.html
  • What is the cost? The cost is $35.00 per cat/dog which includes registration of the microchip.
  • Who will be doing the chip insertion? A California Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) with 16 years of experience who lives in the canyons and is kindly donating her time!
  • What can I microchip? We are only microchipping cats and dogs at this time, though if you have horses and would like them microchipped, please let us know and we will arrange something for you.

We would appreciate an advance reservation so we know how many chips to purchase so we do not run short! Contact Sherry, For Pete’s Sake! Rescue.

Questions? Contact Sherry, forpetessakerescue @ yahoo.com (remove spaces), or by telephone… she’s in the community directory for sale at the Silverado Library!



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