Lyme Disease Awareness Month

The following is from Silverado resident, Sonya Versluys.


May is Lyme Disease awareness month and as an increasing number of infected ticks are found carrying the Borerelia Borgdorferi bacteria (Lyme Bacteria) throughout California National Parks, those of us living in the canyons and brush laden areas, or just simply enjoy the recreational beauty at our front doors, need to be especially careful about how we prevent ourselves, our children, and our pets from contracting the disease. We also need to be vigilant in the event that we are bitten, as avoiding long term, costly, and sometimes deadly consequences, is easily preventable if you know what to do.
As we experienced a milder winter, ticks are out in full force, earlier than usual and in greater numbers this year.  Learn how to avoid getting bitten in the first place.  Learn how to remove a tick that has attached itself to you immediately so you can avoid contracting the disease, and then learn how to go about being tested and treated effectively to avoid long term chronic conditions.  California based orgnaization has a lot of information about Lyme disease, what you need to do to prevent it, and also what to do to get rid of it.
I was not so lucky.  I wasn’t aware and I didn’t know about Lyme disease.  I did have a known tick bite twenty years ago that was dismissed as irrelevant. This consequently led me on a frustrating, expensive and painful journey until I finally discovered what the cause of my medical mysteries were and was finally able to take steps to recover from what was becoming a very serious and frightening experience.
Lyme Disease is not to be taken lightly.  As I am finally on a path to wellness, the need to inform others about this small but viscous pathogen, and tell my story, has become a need beyond that which is easily described.  The only thing I can do is tell you what happened to me.  I hope that you will read my story, and learn from it.  Enjoy the outdoors, but be informed and careful whilst doing so.

You can read more of her personal lyme disease story on her blog.